About us

We care, we follow through,
we transform

At Orkestra, we are transforming global supply chains so people can better deal with complexity and improve results. Our team of supply chain experts, logistics engineers, and data scientists specialize in enabling nimble, fully transparent, integrated global supply chains with a focus on a more sustainable tomorrow.

Reimagining the supply chain of tomorrow

Pairing our intelligence platform with deep industry expertise, we address your overarching end-to-end supply chain in order to deepen resilience, drive growth, and extend your reach well into the future.

Transform supply chains to make life easier and our planet healthier
Removing complexity by delivering fully transparent and integrated global supply
chains with an intelligent platform and innovative people
Connected and orchestrated global trade

Our foundational values

Our foundational values represent our core purpose and will guide us on our journey to a connected world of orchestrated global trade.

We care, collaborate, and embrace diversity to create a shared purpose and work environment that fosters trust, learning and growth for all.
We follow through and hold each other accountable to get things done with a focus on efficiency, quality and sustainability.
We transform the way of doing business by challenging the status quo to create simple, innovative and secure end-to-end solutions.

Meet the management team

Decades of combined operational management experience and expertise in logistics and technology.

Heiner Murmann, Orkestra's Founder & General Manager
Heiner Murmann
Founder & CEO
Jonas Mehrhoff, Orkestra's head of Marketing & Customer Engagement
Jonas Mehrhoff
Managing Director Europe & Global Growth
Anders Nordahl, Orkestra's Product Development
Anders Nordahl
Product Development
David Suydam, Orkestra's Technology Developer
David Suydam
Kevin Crawford, Orkestra's head of Client Experience
Kevin Crawford
Client Experience

"I’m excited to grow and learn from the people that surround me, and share that vision to help bring the supply chain processes up to par with the technology of today."

Stephanie, our client operations manager.
Fernanda Ahedo
Operations Support

"I’m excited to be at Orkestra SCS and tackle supply chain challenges, change decade old practices, and help supply chain operators realise their full potential without a large investment in resources."

Stephanie, our client operations manager.
Siddharth Tripathi
Product Manager

"It excites me to be part of the multicultural, talented team that is Orkestra and work together to evolve global supply chains."

Stephanie, our client operations manager.
José Ripoll
Software Developer
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