Comparing an ERP Extension vs Digital Supply Chain Platform

This infographic compares extending an ERP system to improve the visibility and digital execution of your supply chain or deploying a digital platform.

The infographic should support you in choosing the right technology for building an agile and efficient supply chain by comparing the following attributes:

- Time
- Cost
- Complexity
- Scalability

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What other's think about this infographic

"This guide helped me show my team what technology is best for us"

Stephanie, our client operations manager.
Supply Chain Manager

"This helped me in understanding the differences of both technologies and steered me in the right direction for what my company needs"

VP of Finance

"Provides a great high level comparison of the leading supply chain technologies"

Stephanie, our client operations manager.
Supply Chain Officer

Understand the following topics

The limitations of most ERP systems in managing a supply chain
The impact of an ERP system on your supply chain
The differences in cost, complexity, time and scalability to deploy the two technologies
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