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Junior Software Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Orkestra SCS is a logistics tech company that has developed a cloud-based supply chain management platform that helps businesses improve customer service, save costs, and reduce their environmental footprints. Disruptions in supply chain technology have been long overdue and the COVID-19 crisis has only highlighted the need for innovation in this space.

Orkestra is looking for a highly motivated software engineer with a passion for creating cloud-native solutions on Azure.  You will join a small, experienced team that integrates the supply chain IT infrastructure of our customers into a modern product built on Azure, with an architecture based on server-less micro-services with modern dev-ops. Our ideal candidate is passionate about building scalable and reliable software products in the cloud. Apart from your software skills, you will need strong communication skills and adaptability to a fast-paced but exciting environment.


  • Build scalable, reliable, resilient, secure systems that are built using open source technologies with a cloud first architecture.
  • Build enterprise-grade data integrations to connect into our customer IT systems.
  • Work in an Agile team with Designers, Engineers, Cloud Architects and Product Owners to continuously evolve our product. 
  • Commit to our ever-evolving CI/CD chain and working templates. 
  • Be open to learn and absorb the rapid changes in the engineering industry.
  • Communicate and collaborate with our multidisciplinary team and customers.
  • React quickly to change at Orkestra’s fast-paced work environment.



  • A recent graduate from university or any educational institution that grants an MS/BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent.
  • Experience with open source technologies such as React, Redux, Node, Express, Javascript, GraphQL, jQuery and HTML5.
  • Experience with database development (MySQL, Postgres, or SQL Server).
  • Experience working with various 3rd party APIs and communications frameworks such as SFTP.
  • Experience with writing tests with modern frameworks such as QUnits/Jest/Mocha/Chai.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.

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