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Orkestra was founded to transform how businesses manage their supply chain

Heiner Murmann founded Orkestra after 20 years in leadership roles, including CEO of the Americas and Member of the Global Board of Management at DB Schenker. Heiner was deeply engaged with the best known global brands to transform logistics operations into competitive differentiators. He understood the impact that technology and real-time data could have on the industry and founded Orkestra. The name “Orkestra” originates from the mission of enabling global shippers to “orchestrate” their entire supply chain from one powerful platform.

The early version of Orkestra was built to enable teams to digitize their entire supply chain, not just parts of it. With impact seen early, he scaled the business to empower more teams to have the tools and data to perform at their best. Now, companies rely on Orkestra as the fastest way to digitalize their supply chain.
Toronto, Canada
Dusseldorf, Germany
Singapore, Asia

Meet the team behind Orkestra

Heiner Murmann

CEO & founder

Anders Nordahl

Head of Supply Chain Solutions


Siddharth Tripathi

Head of Product

Kevin Crawford

Head of Customer Success

Ryan Samini

Head of  Engineering

Jeevan Varughese

Head of Architecture and Technology

Karen Arevalo

Head of Talent & Culture

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