Enterprise grade technology for more control and flexibility

Eliminate the manual tasks of having to gather data yourself. Our enterprise grade platform and unique data models automatically give you data to follow up on. Our APIs connect to the largest supply chain partners and gather all of your information in one source of truth.

Our technology consists of 4 key areas: data intelligence, security, predicitive analytics and infrastructure. These together, make the base of our solution.

Pro-active decision making without surprises: your data is always up to date

Notice quickly if performance of a carrier declines, make faster decisions and improve performance within a week instead of months: with help of real-time visibility, automated KPIs and built-in AI capabilities.

Our machine learning algorithms derive predictions which update you about exceptions that might happen and help you to identify and explore happenings in your supply chain.

Drive focus and efficiency with better data

We take pride in our ability to collect data from any system and make it easy for our customer to consume: data intelligence that allows you to remain customer-centric at your core. From the moment an order is placed to when your product is in your customer's hands.

We simplify data integration with Azure's cloud services that manage routing of all events from any source to any destination. Become proactive and reduce losses by getting visibility in your supply chains' exceptions.

Trust your data

All the data we present to you is collected and validated with the help of multiple data sources. This way we can ensure your data is accurate

Never search for information

Get adapters that connect to any of your systems. You'll have access to all the information you need in one platform

Know what requires your focus

Exceptions in your supply chain are captured and communicated to you

Security and compliance at the core

Our platform is hosted on an enterprise-grade infrastructure and is fully compliant with GDPR. Our technology team uses monitoring technology to ensure the health of our platform. By having a secure infrastructure, we ensure your data is protected against internet exposure. An example of how we do this: we use privacy features, such as column- and row-level security and dynamic data masking.

Secure infrastructure

We are always up to date with the latest security updates and make use of Microsoft Azure firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion protection/detection systems

Data storage

Your data is protected in a secure private environment by using Azure virtual network and blocking public access


The transmission and storage of your data is encrypted to make sure we avoid unauthorized access

An enterprise-grade cloud based infrastructure

More efficient data coupled with a well organized infrastructure result in seamless scalability of your supply chain through our robust data models. We have built our platform on Microsoft Azure and our uptime history is 99.9% - ensuring your business can fully rely on our platform.

Our technology a nutshell

Enterprise grade technology that you can rely on every day

Easy to implement

Flexible data models make implementation and scaling faster

Robust and secure

Enterprise grade data security and full GDPR compliance

Predictive visibility

Machine learning models provide predictions about exceptions that might happen in your supply chain

Enabling collaboration

Data is within reach for everyone who needs it

Intelligent optimisation

Data changes are captured, validated and cleansed

CO2 neutrality

Carbon capture technology to aim for a carbon neutral supply chain

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