The Supply Chain Management Platform that Changes the Game

Heiner Murmann

I am excited to share that we have launched several new and exciting features to make Orkestra even more powerful. With Orkestra, teams can ship, track, and manage their global supply chain in real-time and from one place. Now they can do more with new features including documentation management, landed cost analysis, and predictive ETAs.

Why did we build Orkestra?

I have spent my entire career in logistics, most recently as the CEO of Americas at DB Schenker. During that time, I observed first-hand how legacy systems created severe challenges for leading brands to efficiently ship their products and deliver on their customer promise. The main reason? Siloed data.

Siloed data arises because of global supply chains’ reliance on multiple partners like DB Schenker, Flexport, and CH Robinson. This means there is no single source of truth. Teams are stuck relying on disparate sources to answer the most important questions like, “where are my shipments”, and “what does it cost me to deliver”?

The reality is that managing a supply chain is incredibly complex.  Teams struggle to be proactive; they don’t have the visibility needed to cut costs, and by no means are they prepared for a disruption. So, I sought to build a better way for leading businesses to manage their global supply chains.

How Orkestra can help you ship smarter

Orkestra gives you the data and critical tools to manage purchase orders, track shipments, measure costs, and everything in between. We integrate data from your ERP, TMS, WMS systems as well as manufacturers, carriers, and freight forwarders. So, your teams can manage your global supply chain in real-time, and from one place.

What Orkestra gives your teams (not just your supply chain team but finance, procurement and customer support):

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility: Complete visibility into your global supply chain—from purchase orders to shipment tracking to cost analysis—in real-time. That means no more surprises when it comes to your shipments. You know where they are and when they will arrive.  
  • One centralized platform: With hundreds of integrations, all your data is in one place without chasing for information, or manual tracking in a spreadsheet.  
  • Cost savings: Customers save between 8-12% of their supply chain spend with Orkestra. This includes savings on inventory carrying costs, shipping rates, customer support overhead, and penalties.
  • Control and resilience: Leverage your existing logistic providers or book new ones in Orkestra and start tracking shipments, measure costs, and view on-time performance. Now you can strategically allocate your freight and ensure your partners are performing.
  • Seamless implementation: Get started without the cost or complexity of a traditional enterprise solution. We implement Orkestra and help you scale your operations. It’s quicker and cheaper than customizing your ERP.

Here's a closer look at some of the new features:

  • Tracking across all modes and geographies: Orkestra allows you to manage shipments across all modes including air, ocean, land, and parcel as well as geographies.
  • Document management: View and save invoices, custom clearance forms, bills of lading, and packing lists.  
  • Predictive ETAs: With our machine learning technology, teams get projected arrival dates and notifications on potential delays.
  • More integrations: We have added additional integrations, including Crane, Rhenus, and BDP, so you can track your shipments in real-time.  
  • In-product communication: Communicate with your teams and partners directly in Orkestra. Think Whatsapp but where shipping happens. Now your data isn’t spread across individual emails and phone calls.  
  • Freight and landed cost analysis: Get an accurate view of your shipment costs so you can seamlessly track your actuals versus forecast and identify opportunities to cut costs.

Orkestra was designed to help teams ship smarter (not harder). If you’d like to learn more about Orkestra, check out our demo and download our free guide. Also, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to get more updates.

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