February 29, 2024
9:30 AM EST / 15:30 CET

How to Achieve Next-Level Supply Chain Visibility with Advanced Tracking Devices

Uncover the potential of IoT tracking devices in the supply chain during an exclusive webinar with industry leaders Kevin Crawford and Maxime Réau. Drawing on their extensive experience with Shell, Nike, and Apple, they'll delve into the strategic benefits of adopting tracking devices.

ln this engaging webinar, Kevin and Maxime will not only share insights on tracking devices but also explore diverse use cases, offering a comprehensive understanding of their applications. Beyond theoretical discussions, the panellists will provide actionable, rapid deployment solutions that can revolutionize your supply chain within weeks.

Register now to learn why companies like Nissan, GoPro, and Dyson are turning to tracking devices to achieve unparalleled visibility!

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Kevin Crawford

Head of Customer Success & 4PL Operations, Orkestra

Former Head of Customer Solutions, DB Schenker

Maxime Réau

Global Sales Executive - Orkestra

Former Specialist of Supply Chain Visibility - Transporeon

Key learnings


Gain valuable insights into the current landscape of tracking solutions in the market and deepen your understanding of how these technologies work.


Learn practical strategies for seamlessly integrating tracking devices into your existing portfolio of supply chain technologies, unlocking enhanced visibility.


Explore diverse and impactful use cases for IoT across various industries, including technology, high-end retail, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Join attendees from leading companies