Feature: Order and shipment management

Stop manually tracking orders and shipments with spreadsheets

Orkestra gives you powerful features to centralize order and shipment management. Now you can manage inbound and outbound orders, book and track shipments, and track everything with real-time data without manual work, spreadsheets, and disparate systems.

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Streamline how you manage orders and shipments

Forget about manual tracking

Centralizing your order and shipment management and eliminate the need for multiple systems and manual tracking.

No more chasing for information

Teams no longer need to spend time chasing down logistic partners for information on purchase orders or shipping details.

Increase operational agility and efficiency

Manage your supply chain proactively, when you can quickly submit new orders, book shipments, and track ETAs.

Guarantee 24-hour or 2-day deliveries

Traditional systems aren’t built to enable same-day delivery. With Orkestra, you get the data and visibility to enable and track fast deliveries.


Order management

Manage and track inbound and outbound orders in real-time.

Book and track shipments

Once purchase orders are accepted, you can book shipments and track them in real time.

Business rules

Set customized business rules for how orders and shipments are booked, shipped, and delivered with your logistic partners.

In-transit fulfillment (SKU/ITEM)

Fill customer orders with inventory that is in transit to improve inventory efficiency and meet customer demand.

Delivery management

Confirm last-mile delivery instructions and track once deliveries are successfully made.


Why manual purchase order management is challenging?

Placing purchase orders can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, especially when relying on faxes, emails, and phone calls. These manual processes often do not add value to the business and are prone to errors, leading to poor administrative practices. Orkestra's platform helps you overcome these challenges by providing a tool to digitize your processes and streamline the process of managing purchase orders. This can help improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

How do you increase purchase order visibility?

Deploy Orkestra - a visibility platform that consolidates all your purchase orders from your PO system and those of other parties in your supply chain into a single location. This allows you to centralize your purchase order management and create a single source of truth for the entire supply chain network, enabling you to have comprehensive visibility and control over your purchase orders in one system.

What are cloud based purchase order solutions?

Cloud-based purchase order solutions are software applications that allow companies to create, manage, and track purchase orders (POs) electronically through a cloud-based platform. Orkestra's supply chain platform includes a cloud-based purchase order solution that allows users to create, manage, and track POs electronically, streamlining the procurement process and improving operational efficiency.

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Digitalize your supply chain faster with Orkestra

Orkestra brings together all your global supply chain data in one platform, so you can manage orders, track shipments, gain real-time visibility, and measure performance from one place, and in real-time. Accelerate the digitalization of your end-to-end supply chain from years to weeks with Orkestra.

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