Feature: Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with your partners and teams

Seamlessly manage bills of lading, custom forms, packing lists, invoices and communicate directly with your supply chain partners and internal teams from one centralized view.

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Centralize and digitize your documents, notifications, and communications

Digitize your shipping documents

Supply chain documentation is paper-intensive, digitize all your supply chain documents with Orkestra.

No more searching for information

Securely send messages and documents with your teams, external partners, and customers.

Increase collaboration across your stakeholders

Eliminate communication issues and increase partner collaborations when everyone is on the same page.

Accelerate operational efficiency

By digitizing all points of collaboration, you can accelerate operational efficiency and eliminate siloed information.


Notification system

Gain system-driven notifications and alerts that track every milestone, exception, delays, and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for shipments.

Predictive ETAs

Machine learning powered estimated time of arrivals for your shipments based on destination, port congestions and weather inputs.


Communicate with your logistic partners, customers, and internal teams in Orkestra, so no information is siloed across emails, support tickets, and phone calls.

View and save documents

Easy view, save, and manage bills of lading, custom forms, packing lists, penalties, and invoices.


Set user permissions across your finance, supply chain, procurement, customer support, and executive teams.


Why is collaborating with suppliers important?

Supply chain collaboration is important because it can help companies optimize their operations and improve the overall performance of the supply chain. By working together with partners and suppliers, companies can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and better meet the needs of their customers.

Is Orkestra a supplier collaboration software?

Orkestra is a supply chain platform that includes features for supplier collaboration. However, it is more than just a supplier collaboration software as it provides a range of tools and features for managing and optimizing the entire supply chain.

Can I track my bills of lading and other important documents?

Yes, with Orkestra your network partners and you can upload and download bills of lading in addition to other documents including invoices, penalty fees, packing lists, and more.

How can I improve my supplier and vendor collaboration?

You can improve supplier and vendor collaboration by deploying a supply chain platform like Orkestra where all stakeholders can communicate and collaborate, companies can reduce the need for multiple channels of communication and improve the flow of information, reducing the risk of errors due to miscommunication or lost information which leads to more efficient and effective operations.

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Digitalize your supply chain faster with Orkestra

Learn more about how your business can use Orkestra to digitalize your end-to-end supply chain faster. The guide includes an overview of the product, the key benefits, and how it works.

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About Orkestra

Digitalize your supply chain faster with Orkestra

Orkestra brings together all your global supply chain data in one platform, so you can manage orders, track shipments, gain real-time visibility, and measure performance from one place, and in real-time. Accelerate the digitalization of your end-to-end supply chain from years to weeks with Orkestra.

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