Feature: Supply chain visibility

Be proactive not reactive with supply chain visibility

With supply chain visibility, you have real-time data to be in control of your end-to-end supply chain. As a result, you can accurately track shipments, measure performance, and prepare for the unexpected.

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Get a birds eye view with supply chain visibility

Deliver on your customer promise with real-time data

With Orkestra, we integrate the data across your supply chain network so you have end-to-end visibility across your shipments in real-time. As a result, you have confidence in your timelines.

Improve supply chain resilience

Gain greater predictability throughout your supply chain for efficient decision making with regards to inventory management, forecasting, routing, delays, carrier selection, penalty avoidance, and tracking.

Reduce expensive shipping costs

Gain enhanced control over costs. Reduce reliance on expedited shipments, avoid detention and demurrage fees, set accurate lead times, and work with carriers that perform.

Prepared for any disruption or shock

Unexpected events create risk. With Orkestra, you have real-time data and visibility to prepare for a disruption by re-routing shipments, maximizing capacity, adjusting inventory levels, and implementing new carriers.


Business rules

Set customized business rules for how orders and shipments are booked, shipped, and delivered.

Shipment tracking and tracing

Get real-time data on the location of your shipments, the carrier used, quantity of SKUs, and estimated time of arrival.

Multi-level tracking

Gain visibility over all your purchase orders, containers, shipments, SKUs, and inventory across all logistic partners.

Multi-modal tracking

Track shipments across all modes including ocean, air, land and parcel.

Network visibility

Using Orkestra’s data integrations, supply chain visibility is provided across all logistic partners in your network including suppliers, carriers, and freight forwarders.

Predictive ETAs

Machine learning powered estimated time of arrivals for your shipments based on destination, port congestions, and weather inputs.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics to track performance across shipments, capacity utilization, costs, timelines, and partners.

View and save documents

Easy view, save, and manage bills of lading, custom forms, packing lists, penalty fees, and invoices.

Tracking devices

Leverage our tracking devices in containers and pallets to track data including temperature, light, and shocks.

CO2 tracking

Track carbon emissions across your supply chain.


What is supply chain visibility?

With supply chain visibility, companies can track their products from start to finish. They can view the origin of goods, shipping methods used, route taken, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and any delays that may have occurred during transport. All this information gives shippers insight into potential issues with their supply chain such as disruptions or slowdowns in delivery times. Armed with this knowledge they are better able to anticipate problems before they occur and take corrective action if necessary.

Why is supply chain visibility important?

The core benefits of supply chain visibility are improved speed, accuracy and cost savings. By having access to accurate shipment information at all times, businesses can reduce delays and save money by avoiding costly errors. Additionally, it allows for enhanced collaboration between stakeholders within the supply chain network by providing seamless communication between different levels. This opens up opportunities for greater predictability throughout the process which can result in more efficient decision making with regards to inventory management, shipping routes, carrier selection, and customer service.

What is a supply chain visibility platform?

A supply chain visibility platform is an innovative solution that was created to improve and streamline the efficiency of every aspect of the supply chain end-to-end. This platform integrates data from multiple and all sources, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Order Management Systems (OMS) and external logistics partners like suppliers, carriers, and freight forwarders. By unifying all this data in one centralized system, supply chain visibility platforms make it possible to track shipments in real-time, as well as provide shipping, operations, and data analytics functionality.

How can I achieve supply chain visibility?

The best way to achieve supply chain visibility is by using a modern supply chain visibility platform like Orkestra that enables real-time tracking of raw materials from sourcing, through the manufacturing and distribution process to delivery, and ultimately to the end-user. This provides unprecedented visibility for all stakeholders in the supply chain, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to disruptions, ensuring accurate forecasts, smarter resource allocation, product traceability, and greater collaboration between suppliers and partners.

Is supply chain visibility expensive?

Achieving supply chain visibility is not a costly endeavour, when compared to the expensive and time-consuming process of customizing an ERP system or deploying a TMS. When companies forgo visibility into their supply chains, it can lead to costly delays and inefficient processes that can ultimately affect revenue growth and cost savings. A supply chain visibility platform allows businesses to gain real-time insight into their supply chain operations, enabling organizations to quickly respond and adapt to changes in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs end-to-end.

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Improve your performance with real-time visibility

Learn more about supply chain visibility including the types of visibility, the key benefits, and how you can achieve visibility for your business.

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