Optimize and accelerate your supply chain performance

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. With Orkestra, we provide all the analytics you need from OTP to cost  to enable faster decision making and improved performance.

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One place to see all your supply chain analytics

Elevate decision-making with all your supply chain analytics in Orkestra from on-time performance to carrier costs and inventory volume.

One unified view

No more siloed data, get one view of your supply chain performance from inventory to costs.

Gain a competitive advantage

Make decisions faster with real-time reports with all the information you need.

Improve carrier selection

Select the right carriers based on cost, and on-time performance.

Achieve efficiency

Improve on-time performance and customer satisfaction.



Real-time monitoring and visualizations
Get built-in dashboards with insights across your supply chain including costs, OTP, inventory.
Vendor performance analytics
Gain insights into on-time deliveries, quality of goods, pricing, and more across all your vendors.
AI powered insights
Gain real-time tracking of individual products in shipments, providing insights into volumes, movements, and batch information.
Order analytics
Gain insights into sales, returns, and customer behaviours.
Invoice matching and verification
Automate the review of purchase orders, goods receipt, and vendor invoices to ensure accuracy and avoid overpayments.
Cost analytics
Improve cost efficiency with insights into landed costs, shipment costs, and more.

Demand &  supply planning

Demand and supply balancing
Get built-in dashboards with insights across your supply chain including costs, OTP, inventory.
Inventory optimization
Ensure optimal stock levels with insights on inventory to minimize holding costs.
Replenishment planning
Set rules for when and how much stock to reorder based on inventory and delivery insights.
Safety stock planning
Determine buffer stock levels to mitigate against uncertainties.
Supply forecasting
Estimate stock required using analytics on shipments and inventory levels.
Exception management
Get notifications on delays or deviations from planned routes to proactively mitigate.

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