Streamline order and shipment management

Execute faster with centralized order and shipment management. Get everything you need to process purchase orders, book shipments and manage approvals.

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Execute faster and streamline workflows

Centralized order and shipment management for faster execution.

Streamline workflows

Execute faster with centralized  order and shipment management.

Select the best carriers

Improve carrier selection with rates and ETAs shown in Orkestra.

Deliver faster

Complete order processing,  booking, and delivery faster.

Reduce costs

Avoid expedites, delays, and expensive carrier bookings.


Order orchestration

Order processing
Manage orders including ingestion from your ERP, processing and management.
Approval workflows
Automate approval processes based on pre-set criteria, ensuring authorized purchase orders are sent to vendors.
Order tracking
Monitor purchase order statuses, from the creation, approvals to the delivery and receipt of goods.
Workflow management
Customizes order flows based on business rules, such as special handling for certain customers or specific products.
Supplier and vendor management
Store information, including contact details, order history, and performance metrics.
Good receipt and verification
Verify the delivered items match the purchase order in terms of quantity, quality, and specifications.
Customer service feed
Enable customer service representatives with a customer’s order history, and current status to assist with inquiries.

Shipment management

Shipment management
Integrate with forwarders and carriers, get calculated shipping rates and tracking information to customers.
Shipment planning
Determine the best way to ship an order, easy review costs, delivery time, and carrier reliability.
Rate reviews
Review rates across carriers and determine the best partner for your shipments.
Automate or control PO approvals, production quantities, set booking lead times and carrier selection.
Load optimization
Determining the best way to load goods, especially for larger shipments, to utilize space efficiently.

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