Protect your high-value goods with embedded tracking devices

Enhance your visibility and security by embedding tracking devices into your pallets and shipments.

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Tracking devices for advanced security, visibility, and exception management

Gain peace of mind with built-in IoT devices for real-time location tracking, delay avoidance and theft mitigation.

Enhance location tracking

Gain real-time and reliable location tracking with embedded devices.

Increase security

Mitigate against theft with devices in shipment and pallets.

Improved proactive management

Respond to deviations and delays that are detected by your trackers.

Integrated with Orkestra

Track location, condition, and temperature in Orkestra.


Tracking devices

Tracking devices
Take advantage of tracking devices in your pallets and shipments which are integrated with Orkestra.
Long battery life
Trackers can be charged or exchanged with batteries lasting 1-2 years.
Condition tracking
Monitor temperature, shock and light exposure for your goods.
Exception management
Get notifications on delays or deviations from planned routes to proactively mitigate.
Real-time tracking
Track your sensitive and high value goods without needing to rely on data from your carriers and improving protection against theft.
Multi-network enabled
Benefit from consistent real-time data notifications because the devices use Wifi, Cellular, and GPS.
Devices are compliant with legislation with no personal data use.

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