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Data points processed

3 billion

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8 million

Time saved per shipment

7-10 hours

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Levitt Safety delivered PPE to the front lines with Orkestra

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Levitt-Safety, a prominent PPE supplier in Canada, found itself struggling to meet the skyrocketing global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). With Orkestra, Levitt-Safety was able to execute shipments faster, gain real-time visibility and improve on-time performance to deliver life saving PPE to the front lines.

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How DBW digitized and reduced costs by 18%

DBW, a global leader in the automotive industry, implemented Orkestra to achieve substantial cost savings and transform its supply chain operations. From centralizing shipment and order execution to gaining real-time visibility across their end-to-end supply chain, DBW was able to reduce expenses by 18% (millions of dollars USD).

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Why this $40B fintech embraced supply chain orchestration

This business was challenged with siloed supply chain data, expensive freight costs and slow delivery performance. Learn how they streamline operations, reduces costs and achieved 2-day delivery with Orkestra.

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Instore cut freight spend and won more deals with Orkestra

Learn how Instore, a mid-market grocery store supplier, saved thousands of hours on manual tracking, cut their freight costs by 15%, and won business because they could guarantee on-time performance with Orkestra. 

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