January 31, 2023
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Why this $32B Fintech Embraced Supply Chain Orchestration


In a rapidly evolving world of finance and technology, a leading $32 billion FinTech company sought to digitize its global supply chain and achieve significant cost savings. The challenges of exponential growth, manual tracking, and a lack of visibility into operations prompted the search for a solution. Orkestra stepped in to transform the company's supply chain and deliver substantial benefits.

The problem

  • Exponential growth challenges: The FinTech company faced substantial hurdles resulting from their rapid growth, encompassing manual tracking, inventory management, and stock level estimations.
  • Manual tracking and limited visibility: Manual inputs, disparate tracking methods, and a lack of operational visibility hindered efficient supply chain management.
  • Same-day delivery commitment: While committing to same-day delivery for North American customers, assessing carrier performance and obligations proved to be an ongoing challenge.

The solution

  • Digital transformation with Orkestra: The implementation of Orkestra brought about a transformative shift, replacing manual tracking and siloed system with a supply chain orchestration that enabled the team to run their global supply chain from one place. From managing purchase orders and booking shipments to analyzing carrier performance and landed costs with advanced analytics.
  • Enhanced visibility and efficiency: Orkestra's platform facilitated real-time visibility into supply chain operations, streamlining order submissions, shipment scheduling, and delivery confirmation.
  • Data consolidation and advanced analytics: Orkestra provided data consolidation, visualization, and advanced analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Inventory management and cost optimization: Siloed information regarding inventory and stock levels was unified, eliminating ambiguity, and achieving remarkable 10% cost savings in intercontinental transportation.

The results

  • Drastic reduction in customer support response times: With real-time data availability, customer support response times were reduced by an impressive 85%.
  • Cost savings: By leveraging Orkestra's analytics to determine carrier performance and cost-effective routes, the FinTech company successfully reduced intercontinental transportation expenses by 10%.
  • Streamlined inventory management: The company achieved streamlined inventory management, eliminating ambiguity and inefficiencies.
  • Prepared for scalability: Orkestra positioned the company to scale operations and meet the demands of a growing customer base.
  • Empowered for efficiency and customer service excellence: The case study underscores how digital transformation and innovation can address challenges while unlocking opportunities for efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced customer service, underlining the pivotal role of Orkestra in reshaping the company's supply chain operations.

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