November 3, 2022
 min read
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Reliable PPE distribution: Levitt-Safety's commitment to frontline workers


In the face of unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Levitt-Safety, a prominent PPE supplier in Canada, found itself struggling to meet the skyrocketing global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). As lockdowns disrupted global PPE shipments and stringent documentation requirements became the norm, Levitt-Safety sought the assistance of Orkestra to gain control and visibility over their international supply chain.

The problem

  • Levitt-Safety, a leading Canadian PPE supplier, faced a surge in global demand for PPE due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Their supply chain, based in China, was severely impacted by lockdowns, making it impossible to fulfill orders and meet customer demand.
  • Stringent documentation requirements for exporting goods from China, especially PPE, added complexity and compliance challenges.
  • Air travel restrictions and skyrocketing air freight costs eroded margins and hindered timely deliveries.

The solution

  • Orkestra was implemented to enable Levitt Safety to gain full control of their global supply chain in one place including purchase orders, shipments, and performance.
  • Real-time tracking, flight schedules, and ETA monitoring were made available to gain visibility into the supply chain.
  • On-the-ground support and collaboration with the 3PL partner network were established to eliminate delays related to payments, export processing, and documentation.
  • Orkestra facilitated the optimization of warehouse capacity and fulfillment to meet the surging customer demand.
  • Updates from manufacturing vendors and forwarders were accessible for tracking product readiness, transit times, pickup schedules, documentation approvals by customs authorities, and cost measurement per shipment and product.

The results

  • With Orkestra, Levitt-Safety gained real-time insights and coordination capabilities that allowed them to overcome complex supply chain challenges.
  • They achieved significant success by delivering 1.75 million masks and face shields to front-line workers across Canada.
  • Levitt-Safety was able to deliver life-saving PPE with confidence, ensuring the safety of front-line workers.
  • The Orkestra SCS team's support demystified the logistics experience and allowed for timely, on-time deliveries without the complications seen during the pandemic.

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